Retired and Senior Volunteer Program


Thanks to IU students Ben Warren, Chris Martens, and Amy Rosenberg for generously creating this RSVP video.

Meet Nick

It was suggested to me after a grave illness last year that to allay my pangs of loneliness, I volunteer; and when I learned it could be with young children, I thought that might just be what I needed. What a gift it has been! I've always loved little kids, and having ten or twenty of them at once is totally different and absolutely magical. I know a thousand stories, songs and poems, and by gosh they like them all. They have favorites they ask for and I always oblige. Every time they call me "grandpa," it lifts my heart. It's like having a house full of beloved grandchildren all at their most beguiling age. Their gift to me is so much greater than any I could give them.

Want to Make an Impact in Our Community? Join RSVP.

The RSVP 55+ Volunteer Program is a national service program for volunteers (age 55 and better) who want to make a difference in their community. Numbering over 450 strong, RSVP volunteers serve at a variety of non-profits, health care facilities, and governmental units, leveraging their experience and knowledge to leave a legacy for future generations.

RSVP staff can assist you in finding volunteer roles based on your unique interests, talents, and availability. RSVP also celebrates your service, and demonstrates its power by sharing our collective volunteer impact with national, state, and local agencies.

If you are currently an active volunteer, you can register with RSVP without taking on additional volunteer responsibilities. When you are registered with RSVP and report hours, we include your service in the data that we share, to focus attention and important resources on the areas where we have the greatest impact.

RSVP Priorities

Healthy Futures

  • Supporting seniors who are aging in place
  • Promoting healthy living
  • Serving those facing end-of-life through hospice
  • Collecting food for families facing emergency situations


  • Tutoring, Teacher’s aids, School libraries, Helping with events

Capacity Building

  • Raising funds through thrift shop sales to support childcare scholarships


  • Helping veterans access VA benefits
  • Supporting veterans living at home as long as they are able

Community Priorities

  • Using volunteer expertise and talent to meet needs in the community

The RSVP Office Provides:

  • Information about volunteer needs in the area
  • Personalized suggestions for volunteering based on your background
  • Weekly Volunteer Center for drop-in volunteering (see details below)
  • Email notices of one-time special events
  • Supplemental insurance while volunteering
  • Annual awards luncheon to celebrate volunteerism
  • Monthly potluck to promote social connections

RSVP 55+ Volunteer Center

Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 1010 S Walnut St., Perry Township Public Meeting Room

Every Tuesday, RSVP holds a day for “tabletop” volunteer projects for local nonprofits such as assembling packets, sorting materials, arts and craft work, shredding documents, stuffing envelopes, etc. Enjoy coffee and the company of other volunteers! Join us for a couple of hours, or bring a sack lunch and stay the day.

We Ask You...

We ask registered RSVP volunteers to track their time spent volunteering to help us demonstrate the power of volunteers to local, state, and federal agencies:

  • Register for RSVP (click through here)
  • Send each month’s service hours to
  • Let us know what agency you volunteered with, and what you did (for example, office support, Board of Directors, serving meals, cleaning cages, etc.)
  • If you served in more than one role during the month, let us know what your hours were for each role.