The Endwright Center

About The Endwright Center

The Endwright Center provides a safe and supportive environment where active adults enhance their well being through health, fitness, friendship and creative arts programming.

Our facilities include a 2000 sq. foot soft floor main room, a strength/resistance training room, up-to-date fitness equipment (including a NuStep recumbent cross trainer), space for art classes, workshops, and meetings, plus the Patsy Earles Performing Arts Stage.

Show Your Support
The Endwright Center is operated through the generous donations of those who utilize the facility and/or value our commitment to offering a variety of activities that will help active adults age with dignity and live longer, stronger lives. We sincerely appreciate your support, which makes our programs possible. Donate

Health & Fitness

Area 10 believes in helping individuals take the first steps to an active, healthy lifestyle. Physical activity has many health benefits for adults; it has been proven that light to moderate exercise decreases the risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, obesity, and depression while increasing muscle mass, balance, coordination and longevity.

 We provide a variety of Group Activities open to participants of any age (under 12 must have adult supervision and parental consent).

  • Yoga/Tai Chi/Meditation
  • Strength/Flexibility
  • Balance/Coordination
  • Dance/Exercise to Music
  • Cardiovascular Exercise
  • Self-Defense

Our Individualized Fitness Program teaches people how to properly stretch, lift weights, and to use cardiovascular equipment to improve overall health and wellness. Over 900 people are enrolled in this program. To participate in this program, we will need a signed consent form, medical history, and a physician’s permission slip (renewed annually).

Click here to download the forms needed to participate in the fitness program.

Creative Arts

Did you know that as we become older, our creative power increases? We embrace this idea and provide specialty workshops and classes, at a minimal cost. Some Favorites Include:

  • Collage
  • Jewelry making
  • Creative writing
  • Digital photography
  • Musical opportunities & performances
  • Painting classes: oils, acrylics, and watercolor
  • Fiber arts: quilting, knitting, and sewing

Computer Tutoring

Friendly volunteers are on hand to give you one-on-one assistance as you work at your own pace.

  • Basic computer skills & word processing
  • Microsoft Excel/Access databases
  • Email/Internet/Skype


Good nutrition is important at every stage of life, and for older adults, consuming a variety of nutrient packed foods has been linked to reduced risks for developing chronic health conditions, such as osteoporosis, arthritis, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer. Our nutrition classes will educate, enlighten and delight your taste buds!


Gardening has been shown to have positive benefits as we age. It helps us to learn new skills and regain lost ones; improves memory, attention, sense of responsibility and social interaction. Moreover, gardening can reduce stress, increase feelings of calm and relaxation and foster a sense of accomplishment as we enjoy and share the calming benefits of nature’s beauty. In cooperation with our Nutrition Program and the Ellettsville Garden Club, we offer outings and activities in:

  • Gardening – Vegetables & Native Plantings
  • Bird & Butterfly Education
  • Other Beneficial Outdoor Activities

Senior Games

The Senior Games is an annual event which provides a nonthreatening environment for older adults to compete in games such as golf, track and field events, volleyball, bally ball, 3-on-3 basketball, bowling, softball and more. Anyone 50 years (or better!) from anywhere can play! Event information, schedules and registration are updated annually.


With your gift of time, the Endwright Center is able to offer a vibrant place for active adults to socialize while engaging in fitness and creative activities. Volunteer opportunities include:

    • being the welcoming face of the Endwright Center by serving as a friendly receptionist
    • teaching or assisting with classes
    • lending a hand during special events and potlucks
    • assisting with Senior Games
    • ending to our gardens and flower beds
    • helping with our recycling efforts

If you are 55 years old (or better) you can sign up as an RSVP volunteer and enjoy added benefits while you serve.